Luwia Yoghurt 435ml


Full-day fermented, probiotic rich, and always freshly made.



With its’ intense freshness and full-day fermentation, Rotterdamse yoghurt is an amazing powerhouse of gut-healing probiotics. Let Luwia’s unique taste surprise you with all your meals through out the day from breakfast to dinner.

Ingridients: Rotterdam’s grassfed milk, live cultures.

Free from added-sugar, milk powder, additives or e-numbers.

Nutrition Information per 100 gr

Energy 235 kJ/56 kcal

Fat 3 gr, of which  2gr saturated

Carbohydrates 3.7 gr, 

Of which sugar (naturally occuring) 1gr

 Fiber 0.93 gr

Protein 3.9 gr

Salt 0.9 gr

*Salt content is entirely due to naturally occurring sodium

Allergy Information

Contains milk.


Keep refrigerated (max. 7°C)

Suitable for vegetarians