At Luwia, we craft our own natural probiotics from scratch. Because probiotics are live & active, each Luwia batch is crafted freshly right before delivery and needs to be consumed freshly. But what exactly do probiotics do to your body, and how can you know if a product contains natural probiotics?

Image by Marcel Krol

Probiotics & Gut Health

As Hippocrates said thousands of years ago: “All health starts in the gut.”

Gut is where the good & bad bacteria in our body gather and form the microbiome. Microbiome houses 70% of our immune system, and helps our digestive system to absorb any kind of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Simply said, a balanced & healthy gut is the beginning of a healthy body. And probiotics are exactly what our gut needs to stay healthy.

How To Know If Yoghurt Contains Natural Probiotics?

According to professors, there are a few ways to know if your yoghurt contains natural ‘live’ probiotics:


Non-Homogeneous: Non-homogenized structure is the first sign, showing that UHT didn’t take place in your yoghurt. Luwia’s cream top assures you that our yoghurt has not been homogenized.


Gets Sour: If the probiotics are still alive they keep on multiplying. During the peak of this probiotic multiplication yoghurt sours. Due to its’ live cultures, Luwia sours gradually.

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