Is your yoghurt raw?

We highly boil the milk, so it is not raw. No UHT pasteurization is involved not to kill the good, beneficial bacteria that is crucial for gut health.

What is the difference of your yoghurt?

Many differences. Firstly, it is the only fresh-cultured & slow-fermented live yoghurt that is currently available in the Netherlands. 
We are non-industrial and stick to the purest version of yoghurt by using only milk and live cultures of our previous yoghurt batch (Instead of industrial/powder starter cultures). We are always challenged to keep our yoghurt alive to offer the highest possible nutritions and probiotics.

Luwia is also the lowest-sugar cowsmilk yoghurt available with only 1 gram of naturally occuring sugar. Based on British Medical Journals’ research on 900 organic yoghurt brands, the industry average is 13 grams of sugar per 100 gr.

What are the benefits of full-day fermented yoghurt?

Fermentation is the key for high nutritional values. Full-day fermented yoghurt is a special type of dairy product which contains about 50 times more probiotics than a probiotic pill/supplement and it is the only type of yoghurt that is reccomended for diets such as GAPS/SCD.

Also, making every batch from a previous live culture means our yoghurt contains only naturally occuring probiotics instead of artificial/added forms.

Can we visit the farm?

Sure, just let us know in advance!