Is your yoghurt raw?

Milk is boiled in high temperatures, so it is not raw. We boil the milk only with traditional ways and UHT is certainly not involved not to kill the good bacteria.

What is the difference of your yoghurt?

We create our own natural starters from scratch, instead of using artificial starter cultures, which changes our entire process. With natural starters and fresh milk, we slow-fermentate our yoghurt for up to 20 hours. As a result, our nutritions, texture, cream top and taste is completely different than any yoghurt you could find in the supermarket.

Luwia is also the lowest-sugar cowsmilk yoghurt available with only 1 gram of naturally occuring sugar. Based on British Medical Journals’ research on 900 organic yoghurt brands, the industry average is 13 grams of sugar per 100 gr.

Can we visit the farm?

Visiting the farm is not possible at the moment due to Coronavirus, but we hope that things would go back to normal soon (and then sure you can visit.)