In an ancient city called Tarsus, there was once a recipwhich was kept secret. It was the purest of its kind,  required true craftmanship, and most importantly; the  crafted food had to remain alive once it was made .  Many, many years later this recipe was revived by a brother-sister duo with Rotterdam’s grassfed milk; a unique ‘live yoghurt’ where every batch was made using the live cultures of the previous batch. That’s how Luwia was born.           

When Kerem and Hande moved to The Netherlands to study, everything was great except for one major problem: yoghurt. It was impossible to find it fresh -the only available options were industrial: both taste and nutritional values were dissatisfying. They were coming from a culture where yoghurt was freshly made at home every day and was considered as the most important superfood. Fresh yoghurt was the first thing hospitals would give to their patients; it was the cure of many illnesses from food poisoning to digestive or immune related problems. It had an intensely fresh taste and was eatean all day including breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Knowing that The Netherlands was famous for its dairy, they were surprised to see an essential basic like fresh yoghurt was missing in Dutch dairy market. 

They started Luwia in late 2018 with the goal of introducing fresh yoghurt to Dutch cities, bringing back the lost taste of artisan yoghurt and making natural probiotics accesible to anyone.