Hi there, this is Kerem and Hande. We are a brother-sister duo who moved to The Netherlands years ago to study.
Since we moved, yoghurt has been our only problem: We spent numerous years trying to find the fresh yoghurt we missed from home. Despite of being a dairy country, The Netherlands only offered industrialized yoghurt which was dissatisfying for us. In our culture, yoghurt was always made freshly at home with natural probiotics: It looked and tasted completely different. If you would eat fresh yoghurt, you would start realizing the effect of its’ natural probiotics immediately – we needed that.

We see yoghurt craftsmanship as a lost form of art, and honour it by crafting our yoghurt with oldest- known methods, slow-fermentation and natural probiotics. In a world of industrialization where food is loosing its’ original taste and nutritions, we invite you to a culinary time-travel to past.